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Revamped SE website (www.sehk.gov.hk)
was launched since April 2019.

TECM Mall One stop shop for SE products
Ani-Nation (latest interview, Chinese version only)

New series of SE videos

Please click here to watch the new SE interviews to understand the story behind the SEs.

Supporting SE

Social Enterprises (SEs) creates a variety of social impacts. Why not act to support SEs? Please check out here to find SE products and services suitable for you.

Understanding SE

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Do you know what an SE is? SE is a self-sustaining business targeted to achieve specific social objectives through entrepreneurial strategies. Interested to learn more?

Setting up SE

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Do you have any innovative idea utilising the SE mode of operation in filling the service gaps in the community and market? We have sourced a range of resources and schemes to help you implement your SE project.