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SE Stories

Bloomy The Tree shares with you some heartwarming and fascinating stories of SEs!

Bloomy The Tree has invited people working in different positions of SEs to share with you their stories, which cover the social benefits brought by goodness and kindness, amazing business models, enthusiastic and dedicated staff, disadvantaged people striving to do their best, and passionate business partners. All of them work with their heart and soul to build their ideal SEs.

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Let's support Social Enterprises and help them bloom!

(Courtesy of Radio Television Hong Kong)

Interview of My Image production (Chinese version only)
Interview of Splendid Workshop (Chinese version only)
Interview of Gingko House (Chinese version only)
Fruitsmama (Episode 1) (Chinese version only)
Fruitsmama (Episode 2) (Chinese version only)
Day Day Goods (Episode 1) (Chinese version only)
Day Day Goods (Episode 2) (Chinese version only)
Adaptive Clothing (Episode 1) (Chinese version only)
Adaptive Clothing (Episode 2) (Chinese version only)
Theatre in the dark (Episode 1) (Chinese version only)
Theatre in the dark (Episode 2) (Chinese version only)
Eco-Greenergy (Episode 1) (Chinese version only)
Eco-Greenergy (Episode 2) (Chinese version only)
Fairtaste (Chinese version only)
Animal SE (Chinese version only)
Y Silver Link (Chinese version only)
People On Board (Chinese version only)
Fullness Auto Service Centre (Chinese version only)
Madam Hong Restaurant (Chinese version only)
Comfort Me (Chinese version only)
MicroForest (Chinese version only)
The Olive Leaf (Chinese version only)
Homeeasy (Chinese version only)
Cha Duk Chang - Cantonese Opera training for children (Chinese version only)
ATB Auto Art – upcycling discarded car parts (Chinese version only)
Ani-Nation (latest interview, Chinese version only)
New Service ‘Miracle’ of Kai Fong Tour (latest interview, Chinese version only)
Health Center for Primary Care (latest interview, Chinese version only)
My Main Stage (Chinese version only)
Red Brick Music (Chinese version only)
Comfort Me (Chinese version only)
The Splendid Teen Aunt project (Chinese version only)
Easy Escort Service (Chinese version only)
Cultural Playground-experience culture of ethnic minorities (Chinese version only)
Alchemist Creations Co. Ltd. – Collaboration with NGO (Chinese version only)
Fairtaste – Collaboration with SE (Chinese version only)
Day Day Goods – Collaboration with corporates (Chinese version only)
Gingko House
ATB Auto Art - Go Mechanics (Chinese version only)
SEPD Home Market (Chinese version only)
Pok Oi Café (Chinese version only)
Cultural Playground
00:00 / 10:00
Cultural Playground
喜樂餐飲.教室 Holy Cafe
智幫手洗碗中心 SmartWash (計劃: 支援弱勢社群洗碗工場社企)
良由集貨:「節流為本」扶貧先導計劃 Goods Co-Share
樂言社教育基金有限公司 Act Plus Education Foundation Limited (計劃: Ani-Nation 青年動漫電玩共享創作空間)
早期手口雙語發展計劃 Early Sign and Speech Development Program
亮點 Bling
天愛坊室內種植場 Tranquility Indoor Farm (TI Farm)
Reborn Green Station
生果媽媽 Fruitsmama
生果媽媽 Fruitsmama
天天加油站 Day Day Goods
天天加油站 Day Day Goods
縫補寶 Home Care Apparel
縫補寶 Home Care Apparel
黑暗劇場 Theatre in the dark
黑暗劇場 Theatre in the dark
綠行俠 Eco-Greenergy
綠行俠 Eco-Greenergy
兩生花 Rinato Eco Floral Shop
Cedar Workshop